2016 The world of Ice and Fire

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2016 The world of Ice and Fire

In 2016, the 4th Beijing International Fair for Sports Service Trade will be held in the National Convention Center. Redel's assembly-type stadium together with the ice in the world nearly 30-degree high-temperature outdoor structures to build a 300 square meters of real ice rink, especially eye-catching.
The current sports service trade show to help "Winter Olympics, focus on sports industry transformation and upgrading" as the theme, for the world to promote China's huge snow sports market. Focusing on display of China's new sports service trade, new business opportunities for the first time to attract the global chain of snow and ice sports service agencies focused on exhibiting and invited to the global ice industry, authoritative experts, industry giants and other collusion of China's snow industry development opportunities, the audience can To the scene feel the development of China's sports service industry, the new trend.
Reidel mobile building hand in hand the ice world, nearly 30 degrees in the high-temperature outdoor to build a real ice rink, successfully created a series of ice and snow sports venues can be described as originality! The success of this service will become the most eye-catching exhibition, no one!External by the blue, gray, red, white four Riddle Classic theme color composition, personalized facade system embodies the characteristics of our stadiums. Positive whole body noise glass wall with red and white elements of movement to ensure that the indoor activities in an orderly manner, without outside interference at the same time Smart show progressive hard, positive and progressive spirit of the sport.
 Roof tarpaulin with B1 fireproof materials, roof tarpaulin used in line with B1-class fire safety standards, the glass wall is also used in fire-resistant glass. In the emphasis on safety and quality at the same time, did not ignore the beauty and practicality. Roof with inflatable roof, surrounded by simple and elegant with the advertising board, space design and aesthetic structure to achieve the perfect combination.
Riedel mobile building together love love gifted, to create haze-free anti-haze sports hall. With HVAC and lighting systems, reduce operating energy consumption, to ensure good air inside the sports hall, said PM2.5 NO! Let us cynical, cheerful ride in the ice rink above 

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