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Our EVENT FOR EVENTS motivated an audience of international experts

At INNOSCENE11 on the Offenbach peninsula, we were able to welcome more than 2,000 visitors and completely win over our guests with a combination of interesting presentations, a fascinating show and the presentation of innovative event products and services.

In the spacious lounge in the center of our day tent, the guests, exhibitors and event organizers were able to exchanges ideas and network with business contacts.

The interesting and varied series of presentations with topics such as motivation, technology, and events drew a lot of visitors and motivated the audience.

Our guests in the topic worlds got the best overview of the performance capability and multi-facetedness of our network of partners. Here, we presented event concepts: an Oktoberfest, a casual summer lounge, a representative wedding and various sport hospitality events, with all of the important planning information, including a detailed cost calculation.

Actress and moderator Nina Azizi was the emcee for the entire trade fair program. She gave the partners the opportunity to present their part of INNOSCENE11.

The impressive R?DER alea facade cover carried the brand message of INNOSCENE on the 600 m2 side wall of the SOLUTION evening tent, where the guests were served in an elegant ambience with Hessian delicacies from the surrounding region.

The once daily evening show "Elements in Concert" was a perfect fit for INNOSCENE11, which presented event solutions that were specially developed with an eye toward conserving resources and ensuring sustainability. The spectators experienced earth, wind, fire and water in a fascinating, perfectly presented live performance.

The combination of innovations, information and the evening show were well received by the guests. They praised the series of presentations and the atmosphere in which they were able to combine the pleasing with the useful and they are already looking forward to INNOSCENE13.

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